Released: December 3rd, 2004 | Label: Self financed | Rating: 4/6 | Reviewer: PSL | Distribution: Solace Of Requiem

01. Beyond Grace
02. Trails
03. It Feeds
04. Deceiver
05. Stir No Echo
06. The Ocean North
07. Onto Unreal
08. Left Blinded
09. Hell is for Those Who Sleep
10. I Need You

Solace of Requiem is a band that really gets around in the musical spectrum. Though the main focus is death metal they also seem to draw on influences from both thrash and black metal. The songs are diverse and quite unique in a way. The tracks are mainly mid-tempo based which can get a bit boring in the long run but ever once in a while the pace quickens and that of course adds to the vitality of the album. Furthermore the material is full of details and [odd] breaks that occasionally take the music in a whole different direction like for instance "Left Blinded" which suddenly get a certain jazzy/funky feel to it. Even now after several listens I still discover new details so that is very positive.

My biggest complaint is the production which sound a little thin and without any real depth and that's a shame. A better and thicker production would have suited the music and made it punchier and even more interesting. I find most of the material equal but there are a few tracks that stand out like "It Feeds", "Deceiver", "Stir No Echo" and the cover of the old Grave song "I Need You". Solace of Requiem is a very decent release having in mind that's its entirely self financed. I believe the album can be purchased directly through the band and so if you like some a little different and very underground then do yourself the favour and check it out.

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