1. Dharmakaya
  2. Forest of Illusion
  3. Transcendent Absorption
  4. Paths to Enlightenment
  5. Morphogenesis
  6. A Myriad of Visions
  7. The Discarnate Self Paradox
  8. Sulphuric Eurphoria
  9. Iguanid Labyrinth
  10. Cosmic Consciousness
  11. Psychonautic Trance
  12. Within Lucid Dreams
  13. The End of Duality
  14. Morphic Fields
  15. Illuminating the Darkness of Ignorance
  16. Awaken
INANIMATE EXISTENCE - Liberation Through Hearing

GENRE: Technical death metal
LABEL: Unique Leader Records
YEAR: July 17th, 2012

RATING: 8/10
PROVIDED BY: Unique Leader Records

Inanimate Existence is a Californian five-piece. The band features people from Flesh Consumed, Being Killed and Vaginal Discharge to name three. The music is technical brutal death metal. It does remind me a little of Flesh Consumed at times, but overall the band is able make the music different.

Often technical death metal can be a bit boring, but Inanimate Existence is overall able to avoid that. The music is diverse and the riffs coherent. Unlike many in the genre the five-piece doesn't tend to overdo the use of sweeping. I also like that the music doesn't end up as blatant wankery. It's all tastefully and well put together.

Something I like a lot is the use of acoustic and semi-acoustic guitars, like on "Transcendent Absorption" and "Path to Enlightenment". It fits the music nicely and adds some contrast to the brutality. It doesn't hurt either that there are more than a few instrumental tracks on the CD. Actually eight of the 16 tracks are instrumental. Moreover a solo or two pops up when needed. The bass also get some room. That does profit the music, like on "A Myriad of Visions".

The vocals are low and guttural. It fits the music just right. Again it reminds me a bit of Flesh Consumed in a positive way. The production is crunchy, but clear enough so you don't miss the details.

Liberation Through Hearing is potent effort. It has most of what you'd expect from the genre. If you like diverse death metal with a somewhat different take on things then I think you may like Inanimate Existence. It's definitely for people who like Decrepit Birth, Flesh Consumed and The Faceless.

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