1. Eye of Burial Tempest
  2. Serpent's Tide
  3. Swarming
  4. Chaos Chant
  5. Death's Striking Wings
  6. Temple in Whirling Darkness
  7. Perpetual Fire
  8. Black Grave [The Gateway]
DEGIAL - Death's Striking Wings

GENRE: Death metal
LABEL: Sepulchral Voice Records
YEAR: June 29th, 2012

RATING: 3/10
PROVIDED BY: Sure Shot Worx

Sometimes you can tell just by looking at the title and artwork that it can't be good. That was exactly how I felt about Death's Striking Wings, and I was unfortunately right. Degial is a Swedish four-piece. The music is death metal, but not the typical Swedish kind. The band seem to be strongly inspired by Altars of Madness era Morbid Angel, but do also find inspiration in Necrovore and early Slayer.

The song-writing isn't exciting at all. The music tends to be uninspired and boring. The band borrows riffs and ideas from Morbid Angel, but unlike the American four-piece there's far between the catchy riffs or parts. As a result of that the music has little nerve and energy. Sure there are bits and pieces that are good, like for instance the titletrack. But overall these are too few to make a greater difference. The vocals are harsh, but without much diversity. Again it's something that doesn't profit the music.

The primitive and thin analogue production doesn't make things any better. The shitty sound is definitely also a part of why the music tends to be without much energy. To enjoy what the Swedes are doing I think you have to be a fan of music with a demo tape type of sound and approach. I guess I'll just go and find my copy of Altars of Madness as it's more how I like it.

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