1. The Abrogation
  2. Phalanx [The Tip of the Spear]
  3. Lunatic Necromancy
  4. Pazuzu Eternal
  5. Hammer of Infidel
  6. Black Blood Vortex
  7. Ancient Ways Prevail
  8. The Exterminati
  9. Scald Command
CHAOS INCEPTION - The Abrogation

GENRE: Death metal
LABEL: Lavadome Productions
YEAR: Jube 5th, 2012

RATING: 10/10
PROVIDED BY: Lavadome Productions

Before receiving The Abrogation for review I wasn't aware of Chaos Inception. The band features people from Monstrosity and Fleshtized and that alone was enough to wake my interest. And the American four-piece does in no way disappoint. The music makes me think of Diabolic mixed with elements from Morbid Angel and early Hate Eternal.

The song-writing is amazing. It is mostly full throttle from start to finish, but it never tends to get too much. The band is good at making the songs diverse and interesting. There's so much going on that it takes time to absorb it all. A huge plus is that in spite of all the brutality the songs are catchy. I like that there's no weak parts or filler to make it boring. I'm amazed by the four-piece's ability to make such catchy riff and parts.

Another great thing is the solos. These fit the setting of the songs well and add a lot to the feel of the music. I think the solos on "Pazuzu Eternal", "Hammer of Infidel" and "The Exterminati" sums that up perfectly. The vocals are the typical death metal vocal, but that's just how I like them - powerful and in-your-face.

The production is thick and juicy, but clear enough so nothing tends to vanish. It's nice that you're able to spot the bass in the mix.

The Abrogation is death metal at its finest. If you like fast, brutal and potent music in the vein of early Morbid Angel and Hate Eternal then The Abrogation is difficult to avoid. It's an effort that has no problem making it to my top three of 2012.

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