1. Skin Graft Hieroglyphics
  2. Metamorphignition
  3. Sirens in Electric Veils Part 1
  4. Sirens in Electric Veils Part 2
  5. Blade Grasp Priesthood
  6. Soliloquies of the War Machine
  7. The Laughing Prophet of Doom
  8. The Withered Hands of Mortality
  9. The Omnipus
  10. Opus Brahmanic
ARKAIK - Metamorphignition

GENRE: Technical death metal
LABEL: Unique Leader Records
YEAR: October 9thth, 2012

RATING: 6/10
PROVIDED BY: Unique Leader Records

Metamorphignition is the third full-length by the American death metal band Arkaik. However I can't say I'm very familiar with the bands past efforts. The music on Metamorphignition is technical death metal. The music isn't different from so much else in the genre. The common use of sweeps does get a bit annoying. However the five-piece doesn't exaggerate it as much as some bands tend to.

Most death metal is boring if it's not catchy and has the right drive. To some degree that's the case with Metamorphignition. Sure most of the riffs are coherent and the music overall diverse, but some of the parts do tend to be uninteresting. It's in particular the slower parts that get boring. The band is partly able to save it, but I can't help getting bored. I miss a little more energy in the songs.

In particular the vocals tend to be a somewhat monotone. Jared Christianson doesn't vary his vocals all the much and it does wear of on the music.

A big problem is that Metamorphignition is too long. The result would probably have been a lot better if it had been trimmed down to 35-40 minutes instead of clocking almost 53 minutes. If you like Decrepit Birth, Inanimate Existence and bands similar then you'll definitely like Metamorphignition.

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